Heritage Foundation

Our Place in History

For generations, Chippiannock has been famous for the design and artistic importance of its landscaping and its monuments, many of them famous works of art. Through the years, it has also become a significant venue for artists, photographers and lecturers. This is how the cemetery became famous as a landmark to be enjoyed by Quad Cities citizens and visitors from all over the country. In fact, in 1994 Chippiannock was awarded a place in the National Register of Historic Places.

Special care is required to maintain a landmark such as this one. Roads need to be maintained, old trees and shrubs need replacement and some of Chippiannock's priceless and venerable monuments need to be reset. This is costly maintenance, especially since there are few living relatives to support the work.

Enter CCHF

Fortunately, our Board of Directors has established a separate, tax protected entity, the Chippiannock Cemetery Heritage Foundation (CCHF). The CCHF has a status known as 501 (c)(3), so our donors' contributions are tax exempt and may be deductible. Ask your tax consultant for the final word.

A Note of Appreciation

It is our privilege to serve the friends and families of Chippiannock Cemetery, to honor the memories of those who are buried here and to preserve the beauty and historic significance of the cemetery.

Little of what we do here could be accomplished without you. Please take a moment to visit our Contribute and Join pages within the website for details on how you can contribute to CCHF to ensure that we are able to continue this worthy endeavor. We offer our most sincere thank you for every contribution made no matter how small or large it might seem.


The economic environment in recent years has reinforced the importance of maintaining an adequate endowment fund for Chippiannock. Our endowment fund was established to preserve the investment and use only the interest to replace any shortfall in revenue from the operation of the cemetery. We all know how our investments are doing so it should be no surprise our endowment needs to grow and our fund grows through gifts, contributions, and bequests. Please do not forget Chippiannock when making your estate plans. Chippiannock is a museum of history and art, a classroom, and an arboretum and nature preserve. These are all causes we support on an annual basis yet at Chippiannock these causes are all in one organization. If you want to give for tax advantages, contributions to the CCHF and the Chippiannock Endowment Fund are tax deductible. There are few places you can make a donation which will truly last forever. Donations to the Chippiannock Endowment Fund will remain in the fund forever where your gift will be invested to ensure the cemetery remains a place of beauty. Currently we face many financial challenges, the future of Chippiannock is something you can help to shape with a gift of cash, with a bequest, with a gift of stock or bonds, or with an IRA distribution. If you have ever enjoyed a pleasant visit which included a drive or a walk through the grounds with your family, or with friends visiting the area, please consider making a gift. What future visitors will find here largely depends on the generosity of our friends today.