Spring and Summer Decorations

Regarding vase purchases:

Gem Vase and Crest Vase selections are priced for in-ground installation only. Vases for monuments may be seen at our office. Vase finishes available: Silver-gray, Mahogany, Sunset Rose, Antique Silver, Ebony, Metalcraft Gray, Ruby, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Dark Gray, Missouri Pink, White Marble, Sapphire Blue, and Statuary Bronze. Call for prices of mausoleum or niche vases. Unless otherwise instructed, vase color will be the best match to the color of the memorial it is being placed on or near.

U.S. Flag (12"x18") - $4.06

Geraniums - $6.09

Silk-like Red Geraniums (Pr.) - $48.29

Silk-like Summer Arrangement (Pr.) - $48.29

Silk-like Red White & Blue w/flag - $24.14

Saddle - $70.33

Saddle #2 - $70.33

Mixed Cut Flower Bouquet - $14.44

Chrysanthemum Plant - $20.66

Gem In-Ground Vase - $158.63

Crest In-Ground Vase - $158.63

Silk-like Niche Vase Arrangement - $17.33

total = $

If you are paying by check no need to fill out the form.
Please print and fill out this invoice and mail it with your check.

Silk-Like Summer Arrangement - $48.29/pair

Silk-Like Red Geraniums - $48.29/pair

Silk-Like Red, White & Blue with Flag - $24.14

Silk-like Saddle Arrangement - $70.33

Silk-like Saddle Arrangement #2 - $70.33

Silk-like Niche Vase Arrangement - $17.33