Lots and Interment Fees


The following prices are for ground burial.  Grave prices vary depending on the section chosen and type of burial (adult, infant, or cremated remains).  Interment fees vary depending upon type, day, time of day, and season.  Surcharges on interments may apply due to special circumstances surrounding the interment.  These surcharges are explained below.

Adult Grave Prices (range of prices)  -  $760.00 to $900.00

Adult Interment, Service at Grave/Chapel - $1,050.00

Infant Grave Price  -  $265.00

Infant Interment, Service at Grave/Interment Chapel - $335.00

Cremated Remains Grave Space - $240.00

Cremated Remains Interment, Service at Grave/Chapel - $900.00



Burial Monday through Friday entering the cemetery after 3:30 p.m. 

Each Half Hour  -  Add $150.00

Burial on Saturday before 12 noon  -  Add  $200.00

Burial on Saturday after 12 noon but before 2:30 p.m. is double the weekday rate. Excludes Entombments, Inurnments & Infant Interments.

Winter Surcharge (November 1 through March 15, annually)  -  Add $75.00

This fee is to defray the extra costs which go along with interments performed in cold weather.  These costs include, but are not limited to: cost & maintenance of ground warmers, fuel for ground warmers, fuel regulators, sand, road deicer, and equipment maintenance.

Second Interment Right* - Add $350.00

*This fee is an accommodation surcharge which allows one (1) additional burial to be made in a grave that was intended for the use of one (1) interment. This is subject to the review and approval of the superintendent, and only under this supervision may a second interment occur. Purchase of a new memorial may be required as per cemetery regulations.

All ground burials must be in either concrete or suitable permanent underground outer burial containers. This regulation prevents the grave from sinking and saves the consumer the cost of unnecessary maintenance of the grave site.