The following guidelines are provided for those who wish to place decorations on or near a loved one's gravesite.

  • Fresh cut flowers are permitted, in approved containers, at any time of the year.
  • Artificial decorations and potted plants are not permitted from March 15th to October 31st (the mowing season), except five days before and five days after the following holidays:
    • Easter
    • Mother's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Father's Day
  • Shepherd's hooks are never permitted.
  • Private planting of annuals or perennials is not allowed.
  • Winter decorations are allowed from November 1st thru March 14th. This includes all decorations with the exception of shepherd's hooks, which are a safety hazard and never allowed.
  • All winter decorations are removed from the cemetery and mausoleum on March 15th each year. If you have a decoration you want to keep, be sure to remove it before March 15.
  • If you are considering the purchase of anything of value for placement in the cemetery, from a source outside of the cemetery, please check with our office to ensure that it will comply with cemetery regulations.
  • As always, if you ever need any help placing, removing or securing any decorations feel free to stop by the Cemetery office for assistance.

Please keep in mind that Chippiannock Cemetery offers a variety of options for floral arrangements.  Please call our office at 309-788-6622 to discuss your options.

Floral Remembrances – Special Days
There may be times of the year when you would like to have flowers placed to commemorate special days, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

By purchasing floral decorations at the cemetery, you are assured that your order will be placed at the correct location on the correct date.  Because of the not-for-profit nature of the cemetery organization, revenues from the purchase of decorations help to defray the cost of cemetery maintenance. 

Many families prefer this service because delivery is included in the price.  There are no worries about the weather conditions, locating a container for flowers, or other concerns.

You may pay in advance by filling out this form online or filling out a form and mailing it, with a check payable to: Chippiannock Cemetery Association.

(insert Floral Remembrances form here)


As a service to our friends, we are again offering a selection of winter grave decorations.  Choices include blankets and wreaths of natural evergreen and arrangements of silk-like weather resistant poinsettias and holly. 

This year we are offering a decorated tree-shaped holiday arrangement. The green artificial evergreen tree is decorated with pinecones, berries and red bows and fastened to a wire easel. The tree is 24” tall and 16” wide.  Our evergreen blankets may be ordered decorated with five red bows and four large pine cones, or natural, with one larger red bow.  The wreaths are approximately 22” in diameter and are decorated with a red bow and pine cones.  The wreaths are placed on stands or, if you specify, we’ll have your wreath secured to your monument.

The saddles are florist quality silk-like arrangements that are fastened to a galvanized frame which clamps onto upright monuments of normal size.  The saddle arrangements are outstanding this year.  Order early as supplies are limited.  For your convenience, all decorations will be placed on the graves for you by December 20th.

Please call our office for information on mausoleum and columbarium decorations. Order early as our supply of this item is limited.

Please Note: All WINTER decorations, including saddles and flowers will be removed on March 15th.  

To order your winter decorations, please fill out the form below and pay online, or fill out the form, make a check payable to CHIPPIANNOCK CEMETERY and mail it to: Chippiannock Cemetery, 2901 Twelfth Street, Rock Island, IL 61201 

Order your Floral Arrangements online.

Spring/Summer Decorations

Winter Decorations

Floral Remembrance