Cremation may have begun as far back as the Stone Age however modern cremation started late in the 19th century with the development of a functional cremation chamber.  Through a process of extreme heat the body is reduced to its basic elements referred to as “cremated remains”. Many people are surprised to learn ashes are not the final result since the final result neither has the appearance or chemical properties of ashes. Cremated remains are bone fragments. These fragments are further reduced in size by a mechanical process.

In 1979 Chippiannock installed a crematory to serve the needs of Quad Cities families choosing cremation. At that time crematories were rarely located in funeral homes but rather at cemeteries.

Cremation occurs in our cemetery in a specially designed cremation facility adjoining our committal chapel. Of course we are licensed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Comptroller of the State of Illinois. At Chippiannock, all cremations are performed with dignity and respect by our trained staff.  After cremation has taken place, if an urn has not been selected, all cremated remains are placed in a temporary container suitable for transport.

If you have chosen cremation, your funeral director can guide you in the selection of a crematory.  Chippiannock has maintained an impeccable reputation for providing compassionate and dignified service.

Many people have the mistaken belief that cremation is an end in itself. Cremation is a step in the process of memorialization. Memorialization helps us to remember and to be remembered. 


Cremation Memorialization
Everyone deserves a permanent and accessible place to rest. Keeping cremated remains at home can deprive relatives and friends of the opportunity to visit anytime they choose. The choice of scattering offers no permanent record and no assurance the place of disposition will remain as it is forever.

Chippiannock is protected by both State and Federal law (also on the National Register of Historic Places), and it will always be here for future generations.

Chippiannock has thousands of visitors annually. One of the reasons it is so popular is the collection of unique memorials created by families since the cemetery was established back in 1855. Choosing a location in Chippiannock allows you to have a physical location to visit and remember loved ones and a place for a permanent memorial to their life. At Chippiannock we offer many creative and individual opportunities to remember those choosing cremation. Following are a sampling of examples. 


Garden Columbarium
There are niches available in the Autumn Leaves Columbarium and in the Centennial Columbarium II.  The price of the columbarium includes the niche to hold one urn, the bronze name plaque, and also includes the inurnment fee. There is enough room in each niche to permanently include a few personal items along with the urn. Families are welcome to witness the closure of the niche as part of the committal service. Price in the Autumn Leaves Columbarium is $1,570.  Price in the Centennial Columbarium II is $1,800.


Traditional space
One, two, or more cremations can be placed in the space of one traditional grave. This allows for a larger memorial than a cremation grave. One grave may also hold one full-size burial in addition to cremation burial. Prices for the grave begin at $760. Prices for a memorial with two names begin at $682.75 including tax and installation.


Cremation Rock or Boulder
Cremation Rock Memorials are cored to hold cremated remains. These are available in a variety of granite colors as single, double, or triple memorials. Cremation Rock Memorials can be placed in selected locations along the cemetery roadways, at the base of trees, and in cemetery garden areas. Price includes the name plaques and easement right. Prices begin at $4,300 including tax and installation.


Cremation Garden
The cremation garden is comprised of smaller sized lots for in ground burial of cremated remains. Price of the lots begin at $240. These lots are limited to flush bronze memorials with prices beginning at $675 including tax and installation.


Cremation Bench
Cremation benches can be set up for two or more inurnments. These can be incorporated as a traditional memorial on a standard two grave lot or in selected areas of the cemetery. Prices begin at $3,360 including tax and installation. 


Existing Family Lot
Inurnments are likely to be possible in the same grave as existing family burials. The cemetery charges a fee for an additional right to burial of $350. Additional inscriptions may be added to most existing granite memorials.