Avenue of Flags

On Memorial Day weekend the flags of veterans are placed on flag poles that line the drives of the cemetery to honor their sacrifice in service to our Nation. Every veteran is entitled to a flag placed over their casket during the funeral service. Many families choose to donate these flags to the cemetery. To date, over 100 flags have been left in our care. If you would like to honor a veteran in your family and do not have the flag that was placed on their casket, you can call our office for information about purchasing a flag. The entire collection of flags will be displayed on Memorial Day weekend, so plan to make a visit to Chippiannock as a part of your Memorial Day observances.


Keeping Old Traditions

Many years ago the cemetery was filled with small U.S. flags at our many veterans' gravesites for Memorial Day. The practice fell out of favor due to concerns about the deterioration suffered by flags over their long term use in the cemetery. As flags are now permitted during allotted times before and after Memorial Day, we hope to revive this practice. It is with great pride and admiration that we place flags by the gravesites of our loved ones who have served in the armed forces. This year we are once again offering a 12" x 18" U.S. flag (made in the U.S.A.) which we will place on your veteran's grave for one week before and one week after the holiday. These flags will then be gathered up and properly disposed of at the appropriate time.

We also now have the pleasure of offering a ceramic flag holder which will attach to the polished vertical surface of many upright monuments. This flag holder meets all cemetery regulations and should prove to be durable. Flags using this holder will remain throughout the year or until the flag has deteriorated. The price of this gift of remembrance is $30.25 and includes tax, installation and a U.S. flag. Please call us prior to ordering so we can confirm the holder will work for your loved one's monument.